What is a “nudist”?

February 10, 2009 at 2:56 am | Posted in What is a nudist? | 9 Comments
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Dear Mr. Answers:

While eating out the other night I overheard a man say to his wife that he “suspected” that some of their mutual acquaintances were nudists. I realized I’m not actually sure what a nudist is. Help?—Curious in Stockton

Dear Curious:

At what eatery did you overhear people discussing nudists, of all things? Red Lobster? Rock Bottom? Fuddruckers? Chi-Chi’s? Smokey Bones? Sticky Fingers? Long John Silver’s?

Le Peep?

No, but seriously: Nudists are a benign subculture of society whose members hold that if God had intended for people to wear clothing, he wouldn’t have made them so hairy and fat. Nudists love suntanning, playing volleyball, walking hand in hand, and giving bird-watchers heart attacks. After peaking in the 1960s, the number of nudists began to dwindle during the 1970s, when more and more of them finally succumbed to the temptation of wearing polyester pants suits. Those nudists left behind dwindled at a rate generally consistent with the number of times they accidentally sat on pine cones.

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  1. I love it! How man nudists you thinkin there are in the USA? I’m thinking i seen at least one when we lived in Great Britian a few years go. He was running across the field when they were playing Cricket!

  2. Following the laws of evolution, nudism began to fade out as direct exposure to sunlight resulted in more and more skin and testicular cancer diagnoses.

    Of course, the first law of nudism holds that those who should don’t and those who shouldn’t do.

    That’s the skinny.

  3. During high school, in my capacity as Troop Leader, I once took a wrong turn in some tall grass and accidentally marched a whole troop of Boy Scouts onto a nude beach. While there were no merit badges appropriate to that circumstance, I do think it was likely the most educational day those kids ever had in the Scouts. And I can confirm that nudists do love to play volleyball.

  4. Lucas: YIKES! What a story! Unbelievable. Except I know you, so … not really.

  5. An uncle of mine engaged in preconceived spontaneously nudist behavior at an apparent medical conference, and not for the purposes of anatomical examination by the attending physicians and experts.

    My dad was the unwitting accomplice as he drove the VW bus to the front doors, and was instructed to wait near the rear service entrance with the engine running…

    When my uncle came flying out of the service entrance devoid of fig leaves or anything else besides flabby dermis, jumped into the running van, and yelled Drive! Drive! My dad was understandably aghast. No doubt the ride back was awkward.

  6. Matthew: What happened there, with your uncle? Why was he … naked at a medical conference??

  7. A nudist is someone who accept him/herself for who he/she is and how he/she acts rather than what is worn, how that person looks, or what that person owns. It’s about de-stressing, relaxing, and getting back to innocense.

    It’s like going barefoot all over. After a rough day and you take your shoes off….you know how good your feet feel? That’s the same way the rest of you feels when you disrobe.

    From The Naturist Society: “Naturism is a way of living in harmony with the intention of encouraging self-respect for others, the environment and feeling free of the artificial barriers of clothing.”

    It is well known that a feeling of wholeness, honesty and well being overcome people when they find themselves laughing and enjoying camaraderie with family and friends in a nude environment. The only difference between nudists and others is after a large meal, nudists have not belt to loosen.

    Who are nudists: We are lawyers, doctors, secretaries, accountants, engineers, models, teachers, government employees, clergy, mothers, fathers, teens, infants, taxi drivers, your neighbors, your friends.

    Most nudists are “clothed when practical, nude when possible.”
    Surveys have proven that except for fears derived from artificial cultural taboos, over 85% of all Americans are at least sympathetic to
    nudists’ beliefs.

    I hope this enlightens any who may not understand our way of
    shedding tension, aggression, and anxiety (medically proven). We have
    a lower divorce rate and strong family ties. Naturism is the fastest
    growing segment of tourism in North America.

    The two largest national nudist organizations are: The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) http://www.aanr.com and The Naturist Society website is at http://www.naturistsociety.com.

  8. We sell sheer (see thru) bikinis as well as bubble wrap, bottoms only, lingerie, adult costumes and pasties…..skeetsbikinis.net We are your number one stop for fantasy fest and cap’e de ange

  9. Nudist enjoy being outdoors wearing nothing but what God gave them, thier birthday suits. It’s about being close to nature and accepting our bodies for the way they are. We get to know other people by learning about their personalites rather than their clothes. Feel free to peruse my blog for more on the subject of nudism, at least from my perspective.

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