What Does “AC/DC” Mean?

February 17, 2009 at 3:46 pm | Posted in AC/DC | 3 Comments

Dear Mr. Answers,

Isn’t “AC/DC” some kind of sexual term? Do you know what it means?—Rodney in Fresno

Dear Rodney,

“AC/DC” is slang for bisexual. The letters originally used to designate this equal-opportunity approach to sexuality were BC and AD (“bi-curious” and “adios decorum”), but Christians and historians were not amused. Now electricians aren’t amused. It’s hard to please everyone—unless you’re an electrician AC/DC.



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  1. Apparently when the metal band by the same name first toured the U.S., they were surprised at the large numbers of bisexual and gay men who came to the shows. It appears the electrical term is not a sexual one in Australia.

    Maybe it comes from standing on their heads all the time

  2. See, I had no idea. I’d better let my mom know. Thank you.

  3. Thank YOU. And let me know how long you get grounded for.

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