The Death of Mr. Answers

February 22, 2009 at 7:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Skerrib's mom

Dear Mr. Answers,

Why, oh why, did Mr. Answers have to die???—Distraughtfully yours, the woefully under-informed mother of this blogger.

Dear Distraught,

As much as it pains Mr. Answers to know that the demise of this blog will mean the end of what is apparently your only source of information about things no mother should be thinking about anyway, it turns out that the readers of Mr. Answers’ alter-ego, John “The Bomb” Shore, much prefer he keep but one blog.

John’s new solo blog, which will be located at (and called simply will incorporate both of John’s current blogs, Suddenly Christian and John Shore Land. Sometime during the coming week anyone going to “Suddenly Christian” or “John Shore Land” will be automatically directed to

Thanks to all of you who wrote in questions for “Ask Mr. Answers,” even though it was clear you were a bunch of total wiseacres.



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  1. Mr. Answers,

    I have many further question on topics such as nudity, sexual deviancy, relationships, alpacas, and other such matters. I am uncomfortable asking these directly to a person, as opposed to their alter-ego. You are leaving me in the lurch here. What should I do?


    Confused in Queens

  2. Although he’s a poor substitute for Mr. Answers, Lucas and other lonely hearts may get some solace from the advice offered at Ask Dr. Science

    He knows more than you do.

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