Ask Mr. Answers!

Businessman at messy desk flossing ears

The post that started it all (in which Mr. Answers answers questions about Freud, puppy love, sex addicted mice, and Domino’s dominatrixes) is here.

Send your question to Mr. Answers via the contact form below—or leave it as a comment to/on this page. Mr. Answers will be sure to answer your question as soon as he finishes flossing his brain.


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  1. What does “echo rand(0,5)” mean?

  2. Why do people go nuts over famous people even though they are just like unfamous ones?

  3. I know there has been immaculate receptions, but why did we have an immaculate conception?

  4. Why can’t you tickle yourself?

  5. When do I get an electrical stimulator? Why did the mice get first dibs?

  6. Do you worry that you might be physically, legally, morally or psychologically attacked by the Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre for ripping off Ask Dr. Science, He Knows More Than You Do.

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