The Swinging Life of Doors

February 2, 2009 at 6:06 am | Posted in Swingin' Doors | 3 Comments

Dear Mr. Answers,
Why do residential doors open inward, and the doors of businesses open out? — Sam

Dear Sam:

I actually thought about this one just now while showering. (At this time Mr. Answers formally requests that each and every one of his readers stop imagining him naked and wet. Seriously, people. Stop it. I mean it. I won’t have it.)

Here’s my voteĀ on the door question: What do you do at the door of a residence? You knock and then stand there. What would happen if that door then opened outward? You’d get hit by it. So doors of homes must open inward.

What do you do at the door of a business? You walk right in without knocking. But if that door opened inward, it could hit someone inside the room. So doors of businesses must open outward.

Thankya. thangyaverymuch. Now send me money.

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